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Motion’s recognized strength is the distillation of complex information into a suite of compelling and accessible strategies, materials, and awareness programs that command participation - regardless of industry or audience. In the Public Markets, information must always be presented in actionable form; whether for investors, customers or within the company itself. After guiding over 150 public companies and creating literally thousands of content pieces including editorials, press releases, articles, investor information sheets, multimedia, videos, and other vital documents, Motion has the skill, experience, and creativity to elevate your content, branding, and message well above the competitive noise.


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Motion's unique, phased approach examines at all aspects of your company. As veteran public and private company founders, investors, creative directors, and marketers, we provide a perspective unmatched by IR, PR, or other single-solution firms. Your image and story will captivate potential investors, clients, and partners, and our efficacious awareness campaigns provide the news-flow "heartbeat" investors expect.

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